ElectroSmog Abatement


We're dedicated to creating healthier living and working environments for you, your family, and friends.

Making the Invisible Visible

We'll help you find out what is hiding in your living space.

We specialize in evaluating and mitigating the impact of man-made electromagnetic radiation exposure in homes and workplaces. We aim to identify sources of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in your environment, provide practical strategies to reduce unhealthy EMF levels, and minimize your chances of long-term health issues.

With our services and guidance, you can make informed decisions about EMF exposure, and improve your well-being within healthier, more harmonious living and working spaces.

Introduction to EMFs

What are they, and why should we care?

Electromagnetic fields are invisible areas of energy created by electrically charged particles. They can be found in various forms, from natural sources like the Earth’s magnetic field, to man-made sources like power lines, appliances, and wireless communication devices.

It’s important to recognize that while our bodies have adapted over time to coexist with some natural EMFs without apparent harm, studies have raised concerns about the potential effects of man-made EMFs on our health.

In an era where technology surrounds us, ensuring the well-being of individuals within their living and working environments is paramount. Our mission is to provide healthy homes and workspaces by safeguarding people from the potential dangers of EMFs.

EMFs and Health

Effects on human and environmental well-being

We’ll teach you how incorporating EMF awareness into your daily life can empower you to make informed choices, and promote personal health and responsible technology usage in our increasingly connected world.

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